10 Weirdest Home RemediesDuring the last century there are no beauty remedies that can surprise us. Seems weve really seen them all. Making a face blood injection? What a brilliant idea! Using the sheep placenta as a best way to look young and fresh? Well, it works wonders! What about putting some cellulite creme on the eyelids? Sounds good! Moisturizing hair with the mud? Sure thing! By the way my favorite is the golden bath. I cant even sleep knowing someone is bathing in pure gold.
All of the treatments above are lux to be sure. But I still cant come to terms about it. Who could ever have a thought people actually pay through the nose for such unbelievable beauty therapies?
If youre among those who are brave enough to try everything in the name of beauty. If you absolutely agree with a wise saying Beauty has no pain. Or if youre just like me and want to have some fun, hoping it will help to become a little bit more beautilicious. Whatever! These 10 home beauty remedies sound totally off-the-wall, but dont knock it before youve tried it. There is one point thats indisputable, they will give you some ultra-benefits, but still promise to be interesting in application. Try to experiment with this cost-effective and really safe ideas that can be found within your fridge.

1. Coca-Cola Hair Hack1. Coca-Cola Hair Hack
Its probably the most unexpected beauty recipe youve ever heard from Hollywood divas. Suky Waterhouse is the owner of well-groomed hair waves. One day she shared this wacky trick with US Weekly. We all know its impossible to get perfect waves having your hair washed. So all you need is to give a shot from a bottle of Coke to your hair, then tousle it with the fingers and blow dry good to go!
Heres what happened: Coke consists of sugar and phosphoric acid. Sugar makes the hair fuller by sticking the locks together. The hair cuticle tightens because of the low Ph and the curls become more defined.

2. Mayonnaise Hair Mask2. Mayonnaise Hair Mask
This absolute shape killer can reanimate your hair. Just imagine this forgotten item can appear on your shopping list. Bet youll be proud to buy it knowing the true purpose. (I felt really superior at checkout knowing it was going on my hair and not down my throat to add pounds to my slim body. Pity those who glob it on their sandwiches). I know its the first time youve heard it, but you dont need to buy a low fat mayo for your hair. In fact the high fat mayo is actually better for applying on your hair! Prepare your hair with a little bit of warm water (it shouldnt be soaking wet). Next, rub the mayo into your hair using as much as you think necessary for your length of hair, wrap the hair with a shower cap and a towel on the top. Catch the magic within 20 minutes. Dont forget to wash it off!
Here is what happened: Mayo consists of egg yolks and olive oil. Both of them are natural sources of lean fat. Thats all you need to have your hair moisturized and glossy.