12 Easy Exercises You Can Do At The Office 1
It can often be exhausting to try to fit in a workout before or after your 9 to 5. Either you have to wake up at 6am like youre training for a marathon, or do it after youre mentally and physically spent from a long day in the office when normal people should be eating dinner or getting ready for bed. In this busy world, a solid solution is to fit in a workout at the office. There are moves you can fit in not just at the desk, but aspects at work you can utilize to burn calories throughout the workday.

12 Easy Exercises You Can Do At The Office 2
1.Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
This might not sound like a workout, but if you take 15-20 minutes out of your lunch break to run up and down the stairs, experimenting with taking every other step and alternating that with sprints youll feel the burn, and itll get your heart rate up, boosting your energy and mood for the rest of the day.

12 Easy Exercises You Can Do At The Office 3
2.Replace your office chair with an exercise ball.
It forces you to focus on balance as well as using your abs more to hold yourself in the position. Its also good for your lower back, and might even help you concentrate on your tasks more. Also, bouncy things are more fun.

12 Easy Exercises You Can Do At The Office 4
3.Use your desk for planks and pushups.
Making your arms parallel to your body, practice pushing yourself from your forearms to your hands, and then back down to your forearms, mimicking a sort of stationary army crawl. Its killer for arms and core. Alternate a series of these planks with simple pushups.

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