15 things magazines are getting wrong about plus size models 11. Its a good thing that magazines are publishing photos of plus size models, but they need to stop patting themselves on the back, and try to actually make a difference, rather than photoshopping their way away from any truth.

2. Plus size women are being photoshopped as skinnier, and closer to normal size in magazines, because theyre scared of what the public will think of an actual, plus size woman.

15-things-magazines-are-getting-wrong-about-plus-size-models-223. Ashley Graham is one of stars that has not been a mistake on the part of magazines. But her shoot was completely paid ad campaign, and the pictures were deep in the magazine, nowhere close to landing a cover.

15 things magazines are getting wrong about plus size models 34. Robin Lawley, the first plus size model on the cover of Sports Illustrated, has been regarded as plus size.This womans body is pretty much the standard model body, although an athletic one. Didnt know muscles meant plus size.

5. She has been praised for making history but if she is, what do the Ashley Grahams of the world behind doors even more, letting them know that they will never be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Nope, that will always be reserved for skinnier girls.

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