Although we’d love to think that every celebrity has worked their way up from the gutter to stardom, some of our favourite actors and actresses simply had fame written in the stars for them since the day they were born.

We’ve connected the dots and many celebrities we know and love today actually have famous parents too – talk about some serious industry connections!

Obviously the parents must have passed on the acting bug because these stars have some serious talent that stems way past the fact they already have family show business ties.

So, if you’re intrigued as to which stars have grown up in the spotlight, check out these celebrities with equally, if not more famous, parents…;

1. Maya Rudolph And Minnie Riperton

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Hilarious Maya is an SNL extraordinaire not to mention she has starred in many funny films including Grown Ups and Bridesmaids. She is well known for her impressions of Beyonce and Christina Aguilera – her incredible voice was obviously inherited from her mother, Minnie, who was a singer, most well known for her single: Lovin’ You. Unfortunately, Minnie died of cancer at the young age of 31 and didn’t see her daughter grow up into the household name she is today.