There are some Hollywood celebs that thrill us with their sheer talent, and there are those that thrill us with their sheer tops and no bra. Rihanna is someone who does both! As soon as this pop diva came onto the scene we all knew she was different, special. She seemed to be completely free sexually and every other way. She was going to say what she felt like saying and do what she felt like doing and we could all like it or shut up. How sexy is that attitude? And when you combine that attitude with her perky and perfect nobs, its an awesome combination!


Heres RiRi enjoying a Clippers game in a pink wig, white tank top and no bra. We are guessing more eyes were on her that evening than on the actual players. Its hard not to notice the diva when shes sitting courtside looking like that. Please notice her bubblegum pink talons that match her wig.