It might surprise you to find out that stupid people can be found on every continent (except Antarctica), not just here at home. Even more surprising, that rampant idiocy can actually sneak its way into the government at nearly every level. I know what you’re thinking: stupid people in the government? Preposterous! But it’s true! Dummies are everywhere, and sometimes they’re even in charge of some really important stuff. Thankfully, this list isn’t about the stupid people who run the government, it’s the about the idiots in charge of the world’s signage. Here are 17 incredibly stupid road signs scattered across the globe that you probably don’t want to follow. Enjoy!

1. Keep Right

The worst part about this guy is that there’s a fence. I mean, I’ve heard of speed traps, but tow truck traps? I imagine the closest town is just an ambulance chaser and a shady mechanic carving out their own little share of the American Dream.