After nearly a century of prohibition, marijuana is beginning to make a slow but sure comeback in the U.S. In some states, the marijuana industry has created a thriving weed tourism market almost overnight as people flock to get a taste of some legal bud. Parts of America are decriminalizing cannabis to a certain degree, but it has been in circulation and generally tolerated in a few other locations the world over. In other words, there are plenty of places on the planet that will let you be a tourist and smoke some ganja, too, should you be so inclined. We’re not necessarily advocating it, but here’s the buzz on 15 places where you can enjoy a weed-friendly trip.

1. Colorado

Obviously, if you’re stateside, Colorado is the most popular destination for traveling stoners. If you’re over 21, you can legally possess one ounce of marijuana, or THC to be specific. There are plenty of recreational dispensaries in Denver (they don’t call it the Mile High City for nothing), Aspen, Boulder and beyond, and lots of distractions to keep you occupied while you’re on a Rocky Mountain high. Its people are friendly, and the weather simply can’t be beat. That said, what makes this state truly awesome is its great outdoors. You don’t need pot to get high on nature in Colorado, but for some, it just might enhance it.