Summer has started which means it’s time to get a new pair of stylish sunglasses, or perhaps a couple of pairs. It’s always good to have a backup pair, or you know, just to have sunglasses for every day of the week, and for every occasion. Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the harmful sun, but will also add an element of coolness to your style.

It’s also good to remember that when choosing sunglasses, apart from the normal ones you can also get prescription sunglasses and polarized sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are great for those with bad eyesight, it’s a great way to avoid wearing lenses on sunny days. Polarized sunglasses are great for those who plan spending a lot of time next to water, for example on the boat or on the beach, since they do a great job eliminating the glare and they’re actually better at protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

1. Quay “Invader” Sunglasses. A modern take on cat-eye glasses.

2. Quay “Sugar and Spice” Sunnies. Marble design just makes everything look cooler.

3. Quay “Highly Strung” Sunglasses. The bigger – the better.

4. Quay “My Girl” Sunglasses. For girls with an attitude.

5. Ray Ban Icon Round Sunglasses. Because Wayfarers are so last year.