8 Reasons Why Being Strong Is Sexier Than Being Skinny 11. Staying clean and working out will mentally help you get through lifes stressful and anxious times.

Whether its a bad breakup, a fight with your best friend, or a career situation, if youre a strong chick, you wont crumble under the pressure. Working out releases endorphins, which makes your body trick your mind into feeling happier. If youre strong from the outside, you can radiate that inward and push through the tough period.

8 Reasons Why Being Strong Is Sexier Than Being Skinny 22. Depriving yourself is bad mentally as well.

Being hungry all the time is one of the worst feelings ever. That stereotype of the mean supermodel whos always grumpy because shes constantly starving is unfortunately a semi-true one. Not eating makes your mood and energy levels plummet. When your body goes into starvation mode, it kind of freaks out, and you might have a nervous breakdown if you see someone eating a slice of cake. Have that cake, and feel just as happy when you work it off!

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