While escaping the everyday routine to go on an extreme vacation is certainly something many people crave, some risky places require a lot more preparation and forethought than others. Locations like Kabul, Damascus and Mogadishu are currently some of the most dangerous places on Earth, and tourists know to stay away from these war-torn hotspots. However, there are other tempting tourist destinations that present the gravest of perils, too. Here are a handful of dangerous places that you might dream of visiting, but utmost caution is advised.

1. Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea

Due to its high crime rate and appalling poverty, Papua New Guinea rarely gets much of a mention in the tourist industry, but it is home to some spectacular landscape that beckons intrepid travelers. The Kokoda Track presents many challenges and dangers to the increasing number of adventurers that it accommodates. The scenic trail takes visitors through sixty miles of lush jungle landscape, but by far the greatest danger is the perpetual infestation of malarial mosquitoes.