So you think that the worlds of fashion and technology aren’t compatible? Well, what if I told you that nerds and fashionistas actually had something in common? Ranging from gorgeously lit dresses to awesome sneakers that have Google Maps built in, these garments and accessories are straight-up amazing, and you’ll want to waste all your money on them.

1. Silic: A shirt that cleans itself
This is a dream come true for every slob out there. No more random spilling beer on you at the bar – nope, with this shirt, any liquid just slides right off. It is super soft, with hydrophobic nanotechnology that prevents your shirt from getting stained by sweat and all other liquids.

2. Dresses That Move, designed by Ying Gao
These dresses move when they’re being looked at for a while, using eye-tracking technology. When the gazer has their eyes fixed, tiny motors move parts of it in patterns. Next time someone’s staring at your boobs, you can call them out without even saying anything, and look chic the whole time!

3. Mood Sweater
This dreamy hooded sweater is known as the Mood Sweater. It comprehends how you’re feeling, and conveys it to the room. Through readying your emotion, it creates a color light display that tells you how you’re feeling. Each circuit board is made in house, and each piece is custom-tailored to the individual.