Rockport, Massachusetts, is the kind of place often described as “quaint” and “charming”. These are overused words in the travel writer’s arsenal, but so apt a description for this quintessential New England harbor town. It was settled in the 1600s, and the entire town is considered an historical district that has beckoned fishermen and artists for hundreds of years. Situated at the tip of Cape Ann just 30 miles north of Boston, this scenic region might just make you forget about that other famous Cape to the south. Check out these 10 things to love about Rockport, MA.

1. Motif #1

This little red fisherman’s hut at the end of Bradley’s Wharf is Rockport’s signature shack that has become a symbol of New England maritime life. It is considered the most painted and photographed building in America as people flock here to capture the light and composition of this iconic setting. It’s a replica of an original 1840 structure that burned down during the blizzard of 1978.