Long healthy and well-groomed hair is always a center of attention. Nothing can be more fabulous than streaming locks which create a feminine silhouette every man admires. Moreover long hair will never go out of style – everyone from Hollywood divas to royalty wear long hairdos. Can you imagine our favorite Disney Princesses with a short cut? I don’t think so. That’s the point you can keep calm and leave your locks even if you’re bored with the length and find yourself in a rut feeling frumpy. All you need is to check these easy tricks to help you keep your “locks-look” fresh and attractive. Now go ahead for some hair inspiration with these fashion-forward ideas that make you look trendy and fabulous.

Creative hairstyles for long hair1. Go braid-crazy
There are a lot of different gorgeous braid ideas. Some of them are pretty easy to do yourself and all you need is just to choose one of the variety of do-it-yourself videos online and try it. Bet you can’t resist this hairdo for very long! It’s a fabulous look not unlike a ponytail but with a more chic, polished look. Here’s the top 7 trendist glam braid ideas for your next great hair look!


– Waterfall Braid
– Side French Braid
– Messy Braid
– Classic French Braid
– Fishtail
– Side Braid with a Ponytail
– Upside Down Braid Bun

Don’t forget to instagram your debut artwork. Bet it will gather a lot of likes!