Everyone has already heard about the trendiest hairstyles of 2016. How about we time travel into the past and take a look at the evolution of hairstyles throughout history. Not all of history of course, that would take forever. How about we just look back over the past 100 or so years, shall we? We might learn a trick or two along the way, or see how certain eras influenced the modern hairstyles. After all, vintage hairstyles are very popular these days.

The roaring 20’s were a great time to have short hair. The bob and all it’s variations were at the peak of popularity. It was a real turn of the century, and women were ready to say goodbye to long Victorian hair and chop it all off. You could wear it straight, or go for that famous Coco Chanel hairstyle of cropped curls. Finger waves, of course, were the most popular hairstyle in the 1920’s. Hair accessories also became very popular, to add femininity to the short hairstyle.

The thirties were all about waves. Tight ringlets and short bobs were becoming a thing of the past. Women started wearing their hair a bit longer, the overall look was much softer these days. You know, less helmet hair – more soft waves. It was popular to wear your hair in the side part, and quite a lot of women went for that “deep side part, hair slightly covering the side of their face’ look. This hairstyle really stood the test of time and can still be seen in modern days, at red carpets and other glamorous events.

Forties were a challenging time for women. The war influenced women’s fashion and hairstyles. Since a lot of women had to work, they had to keep the hair close to their head, so it wouldn’t get in the way. I imagine that’s the same reason we don’t see any fringes in the 40’s. Most women kept their hair at a relatively short length. The maximum hair length was long enough to just touch the shoulders. Waves still prevailed, but new hairstyles appeared. Victory rolls became popular throughout the 40’s. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that Victory rolls were invented in the forties – they’re the perfect solution for women of that time, they keep the hair out of your face, which makes them practical, yet they look incredibly glamorous at the same time.