1 Surprising Age-Related Changes How to SurviveOur bodies change when we are aging. It is not surprising, and it is not scary it is just a fact. Each age is beautiful and exciting, especially when you are a woman. However, to enjoy your age to the fullest and take everything from life, you should be aware of what is waiting for you at each step in your lifetime. Learn about age-related changes that happen to the female body each decade. Forewarned is forearmed, after all.

When You Are in Your 20s…2 When You Are in Your 20s...The first and most common problem of your 20s is having a skin problem. You are likely to experience adult acne. If you didnt face this problem in your teens, it doesnt mean you are off the hook. Researchers show that 45 percent of women ages 21-26 have acne in their twenties. The reasons can vary stress, smoking, poor eating habits. Eliminating just one of these factors will not make your skin perfect again.

Another issue is menstrual cramps. Due to hormonal changes in your 20s, cramps get painful. Another problem down there is the higher risk of STDs. In this age, your sexual life is more active, and you are prone to sexually transmitted diseases.
When it comes to your appearance, your face will likely get thinner. Thats probably good news for girls who worry about round faces your so-called baby fat will leave, and your cheekbones will be more vivid.

Quick tips:
get regular exercises
take care of your skin, clean it at least twice a day
visit a gynecologist at least twice a year

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