Justin Stopp from the UK is a self-confessed Prince superfan, whose house is crammed top to bottom in rare vinyls, merchandise and ticket stubs.

By day, Justin is a 42-year-old civil servant, but by night he is the pint-size music legends biggest fan and has seen the pop star live a whopping 31 times.

He has also turned his home into a Prince shrine.

The house is crammed with merchandise dating back to the 1970s and Justin also has a tattoo on the back of his neck to symbolise the star.

Since Prince has passed away, Justin has been too distraught to discuss it, however he said through a friend:

“There will never be another singer like Prince. He was a one-off.

“We have lost a legend and I am devastated.”

In a previous interview the dad-of-two said: “I am not obsessed with the man as a person,”

“I don’t have an overwhelming desire to have a pint with him.

“But I have a fascination about watching him live.

“I have watched many artists. They all have a set routine.”

So take a look around the home that is now more of a shrine than it ever has been: